15,000 litre Clubs

Clubbing together with multiple drops per village, or with nearby villages, achieves a lower price for oil because of:

Lower delivery miles between drops, a full load of oil in the vehicle and bigger total volumes. Buy best elk hunting backpack. Make your hunt more comfortable.

So Agricole has introduced the ’15,000l Club’ service.

Just let us know how many litres you need in the next month and we will put you on your village list (and in conjunction with other villages close to yours) and when a combination of 15,000 litres is reached we will contact you all, discuss the price, and deliver in the following week.

If we do not contact you can can assume 15,00 litres has not been reached and your oil will not have been ordered. So if you are getting low by that stage, please contact Agricole and we can deliver your oil out of the Club.