How to Save Money

How can Agricole Oil save you money when buying home heating oil?

There are 4 options;

1 Individual price: Just ring when you need some oil. Just quote the best price you have received from your suppliers on that day and Agricole Oil will then see if it can better your quote from its suppliers. Delivery is then made 2-3 days later. Buy best elk hunting backpack. Make your hunt more comfortable.

2 Daily ‘Mini bulk’ price: All orders on any day can be pooled together to achieve a volume discount for that day, a ‘mini bulk’.  This means you get a bigger saving by working together.

3 First of the Month bulk-buying day: Provisional orders are taken during the month and put together into a large monthly bulk order. A price is agreed on the first of the month. Delivery of these orders is normally the first week of the month. This means that with so many customers buying together, even bigger savings are made.

4 Village Buying Groups: As per the monthly scheme but tailored to your village, with quarterly or 6 monthly orders.

You choose which one of the four systems is best suited to you.